Covid-19 is with Us

"We are fighting a war against an invisible enemy - President Ramaphosa, 26/3/2020"


The KoiNet Online Store is open to cater for your needs. You can order whatever you need from our catalogue and we will deliver. We may also assist with animal care issues when required.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the way we do things. For that reason, we ensure full compliance in both the letter and spirit of the various regulations promulgated under the current State of Disaster. We take our responsibility seriously for the sake of the health and safety of all our clients and partners.

We have taken extensive preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus in our stores to safeguard our people and customers and wish everyone to abide by the rules.

If our Essential Services Trade Certificate is required for some reason it can be found HERE.

Protocol for visitors

1.    Please make an appointment before you come to a store.
2.    Al visitors to our premises must wear a face mask.
3.    Your hands will be sanitized at the entrance
4.    A Covid-19 questionnaire must be completed and signed,
5.    Safe physical distancing practises will be followed inside the store.
6.    We will limit in-store customers to only ONE party of no more than two persons.

Delivery process
All parcels will be sanitized before handing it to the courier. Our courier partner drivers will wear latex gloves and face masks to reduce the chance of transmission. No physical contact will be made between the delivery courier and you. The courier will ensure a safe distance a minimum of 2m from you to conclude handover of your order. You will be required to sign the document with your own pen.


You will be able to reach us online for assistance on matters aquaculture and koi. Personal visits to collect and deliver will be subject to an appointment and the stated protocol followed.

Email or or
Phone 028 384 0169, 072 224 1060 and 082 440 6770
WhatsApp 072 224 1060

Liana Stevens CEO
We are in this together
Be safe and consider the health of everyone around you.


Last Updated on 19/5/2020
Should you have other questions or concerns about these policies, please contact me
...We were in this together .....

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