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Show and Winter Specials

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Article: Diffusion depth of biofilm  9 July 2016

Autumn/Winter Pond Prep

Winterize you pond

Will get your pond water ready for a Clean & Clear Spring! Read More
R 399 for 950ml +  4 pouches

Sera Pond Water Test Kit

Water test kit

Ideal gift. Kit will test NINE water parameters. Semi-professional and much better and meaningful than test trips. Read more about testing.
R 1360

Pond Medication

Hamper of Treatments

Stock up on old favorites with KoiNet brand remedies.
Koi-M+F 500ml - R223
Koi-PPM 500ml - R142
KoisePond 500ml - R397
Methylene Blue 500ml - R158
FlukeFix 500ml - R365
and many, many more...

BioActive Plus


Biological additive for koi ponds and RAS with pathogen inhibitor
BioActive 500g R142
BioActive 2kg R485

Hikari Deep Red

Hikari Deep Red-

Most Powerful Hiban Enhancing Diet Yet! Trust HikariŽ to help your koi rapidly develop that deep, desirable Hiban with minimum impact to the Shiroji.This specialized formulation offers results that will amaze you! Special R3290 per 5kg
(Those who did not grab at the opportunity last month)

Salt Meter & Pocket Scale

Salt meter

Salt Meter: Koi Medic - Special R1455
Pocket Scale : Every pond keeper needs one. Good for fish medication or your diamonds or gold coins. Special R430.

AquaNutro Koi Food


A good local formulated feed for year round use.Try the winter formulation.
AquaNutro Winter 6kg only R305
AquaNutro Maintenance 6kg R323.

NOTE: Prices quoted can only be maintained while stock lasts.
Special pricing and offers valid till 31
July 2016


Have a look at our Tosai and Nisai stock. We deliver anywhere.

NOTE: Our order book for the October 2016 Autumn Harvest in Japan is open. Give us your wish list or come along for the experience.

Karashigoi Jumbo Tosai

Fast growing Doitsu Karashigoi 18-20cm

 Hikari Wheat Germ


Hikari Wheatgerm for winter pond temperatures.
2kg - R495
5kg - R1100
15kg - R.2719

Mutag BioChip Media

Mutag BioChip

Super for moving bed filters. Let us show you how to utilize this media with a chamber a third the size or handle three times the fish load. Amazing Media.  Read More
R 1,200 for 12 litre bucket.

BioZone Moving Bed Media

Mutag BioChip

BioZone Media from BioCentric. ,
R 249 for 20 litre
R79 for litre bag.


NOTE: Inform everyone: Next weekend 15th to the 17th is the 14th SAKKS Young Koi Show 2016 at WODAC Expo Gallagher Estate, Midrand. Contact SAKKS for further information.

Calling the Pack

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Gansbaai, South Africa
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